Stop Playing Politics with Illinois Children

It’s been 23 days since Republicans in Congress again failed to do their jobs by allowing the formerly bi-partisan Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to expire. And for 23 days, Governor Rauner and his billionaire buddies have refused to stand up for Illinois children and condemn this outrageous act.

The loss of this essential program will affect over 325,000 children in Illinois who rely on CHIP for access to vaccinations, emergency treatment, dental care and more at low or no cost.

While Republicans are focused on gutting affordable healthcare for those who need it most, Illinois Senate Democrats believe that our children should not be bargaining chips for Rauner, Trump or Republicans in Congress. We need your help to keep fighting for our children’s care: Chip in $5 now.

While wealthy Republicans continue to do nothing, Illinois lawmakers are left uncertain when the state funding for the program will run out. We need your help to ensure that our children’s healthcare remains a priority.

Donate $5 now to fight back against Rauner, Trump and Republicans gambling with our children’s healthcare —

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