Throughout her much of her career, Rachelle Aud Crowe has oftentimes been the only woman in the room. When she began her career at a law firm after graduating from law school, she was the only woman at the firm. She spent much of her early years in rural courts where she was often mistaken for a court reporter because it was so unusual to see a woman as a lawyer.

Rachelle credits her success to the women who paved the way before her. Even though she was often the only woman in the room, Rachelle was surrounded by many strong women in her life. Growing up, Rachelle’s mother worked for an oil refinery, another industry that has traditionally been occupied by men. As her career progressed, Crowe was mentored by other lawyers and judges, who as women, understood many of the challenges presented in their career. Today in her current office, a majority of the lawyers are women.

The impetus for Rachelle’s state senate campaign began when she heard that a local public elementary school might not open for the school year due to a lack of funding. Rachelle noticed that many parents in the district who were not previously engaged in politics started to get involved in the conversation. But more importantly, she saw the need for someone to advocate for the people of the district, and an opportunity for a woman’s voice to be heard and more equal representation in leadership.

Rachelle Aud Crowe is a candidate for State Senate in the 56th district, which includes Alton, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Granite City, Madison, O’Fallon, and Wood River. Follow Rachelle on Facebook for updates on her campaign!

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