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New GOP health care bill hits hurdle in resistance from governors

Senate Republicans and the White House pressed ahead Tuesday with their suddenly resurgent effort to undo former president Barack Obama’s signature health care law, even as their attempt was dealt a setback when a bipartisan […]

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Emanuel says he’s ready to do ‘very difficult things’ to save CPS (Video)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he is prepared to do “some very difficult things” to keep the Chicago Public Schools afloat and aruged that the nearly-bankrupt school system is $596 million in the hole only […]

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Let’s Help Pre-K Children Succeed, Not Expel Them: An Op-Ed by Diana Rauner

How can we expect to solve crime and poverty when we’re expelling preschoolers?

Across the nation, more than 5,000 pre-kindergarten students are expelled each year (as many as 6,500 in 2013-14), predisposing them to a number […]

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Chicago Mayor Emanuel Posts EPA’s Deleted Climate Change Page

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s response to the Trump administration pulling down its website detailing information about climate change: putting up his own.

The new section of the City of Chicago’s website, launched this weekend, pulls data […]

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Former Gov. Edgar: “Even a somewhat incompetent governor has more power than Mike Madigan.”

Former Gov. Jim Edgar, speaking on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus Thursday evening, said that House Speaker Michael Madigan is not the villain he’s often made out to be in the media and by […]

Pres. Obama Unveils Designs For South Side Presidential Library Campus (Video)

In what may have been the most fun urban planning project meeting in recent memory, former-president Barack Obama unveiled the plans for the Obama Presidential Library and Center at the South Shore Cultural Center.

Obama was […]

House and Rauner can seize rare chance to combat illegal guns

For the first time in years, an important piece of legislation to combat the flow of illegal guns in Illinois has a chance to make it through the state Legislature. We can do this, people.

The […]

Cullerton will seek re-election, urges gov to start budget talks

SPRINGFIELD — Despite a term full of ups and downs, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton on Tuesday confirmed he’ll seek re-election in 2019 — with a gentle jab to the governor in volunteering that he wants “to […]