Nancy Zettler: People Over Profits

In her campaign for state senate, Nancy Zettler often talks about standing up to large corporations who value profits over people. But for Nancy, this isn’t just another talking point. Since the day she graduated law school, she literally took on some of the biggest corporations.

Nancy recalls the 1982 “Chicago Tylenol murders” case as the first time she saw first-hand how casually corporations value profit over human life and safety. That year, seven people, including a 12-year-old girl, were killed after taking Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide and distributed at drug stores in the Chicago area.

While working the case, Nancy investigated whether the Tylenol manufacturers had previously received complaints about  package tampering or if safety-packaging could have prevented the crisis. What she discovered shocked her.

She learned that the makers of Tylenol actually received hundreds of complaints from consumers who found foreign objects—in some cases even Drano—in their capsules. She also found out that the company neglected to use tamper-proof safety-packaging, despite it being widely available long before these murders occurred. But why didn’t they act?

The safety-packaging could have prevented these murders and it would have only cost the manufacturer an additional two cents per package. Instead, they waited until after seven people died before switching to tamper-proof packaging.  To Nancy, this sent a clear signal that the company clearly valued their bottom line over preventing harm.

Ever since then, she has fought on behalf of families and hard-working people against powerful interests. And that’s something she will continue to do in Springfield as the next state senator of the 33rd district.


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