DES PLAINES, IL — About two dozen Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of other faiths stood together outside the Des Plaines Islamic Community Center Friday to show solidarity with the Muslim community after a bomb threat last month.

With increasing numbers of reported threats, incidents of vandalism and apparent arson targeting Jewish and Muslim religious sites, it is important for people of different faiths to support one another, said Carol Muskin of Jewish Voice for Peace.

“It seems as though the forces of hatred that have existed for many, many decades in the U.S. have come to the fore,” she said.

She noted that when Jewish cemeteries were recently vandalized, a local Palestinian activist organized a fundraising campaign for their repair.

“This is the kind of message we want to get out. If there are forces of hatred, we are here are loving brothers and sisters.”

Some people who live and work nearby saw the gathering and approached to show their support, as did passing drives with honks honks of encouragement.

“There are efforts to divide Muslims and Jews. They are cynical efforts. They are unnecessary efforts and they are immoral efforts,” said Senator Daniel Biss, of Illinois 9th District.

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