The Illinois Senate and House of Representatives approved legislation last week that would provide $700 million in funding to human service agencies throughout the state.

Senate Bill 2038 would allocate funds to local government and nonprofit agencies that provide services such as mental health care, drug addiction treatment and home-delivered meals for seniors. The House passed the bill 111-0-3, while the Senate voted 55-0 to pass the measure.

“Just like we did with emergency funding for higher education a few weeks ago, this is another example of Republicans and Democrats working together to identify available revenue to provide a temporary lifeline through the end of this fiscal year,” Rep. Ron Sandack. R-Downers Grove, said in a news release.

Despite being approved by the House and Senate, SB 2038 still awaits Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature.

State Sen. Pat McGuire, D-Joliet, is a co-sponsor of the legislation. He also called the bill an example of bipartisan cooperation, but stressed that there is still work to do.

“Just as with recent funding for higher education, Democrats and Republicans came together,” McGuire said. “But just as with the higher education measure, this human services measure provides less than half of what the General Assembly one year ago authorized the governor to devote to helping people. We must keep working.”

If signed into law, SB 2038 would allocate $248 million to the Department of Human Services, $243.5 million to the Department of Aging, $170.5 million to the Department of Revenue, $18 million to the Department of Public Health, $9.1 million to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, $5.4 million for Department of Healthcare and Family Services, $1.3 million to the Department of Military Affairs, $458,000 to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and $343,500 to the Department of Transportation.

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