For Bridget Fitzgerald’s campaign, family is key.

When Bridget Fitzgerald contemplated her decision to run for the Illinois Senate, she gathered her parents, sister and brother around the kitchen counter to ask for their advice and support.

As the youngest of five children and a member of a large extended family, Bridget needed her family’s support to take on the challenge and win the election. The last time the 41st Senate District had democratic representation was in 1987. Bridget’s closest advisors supported her right away and she didn’t hesitate to start campaigning.

During Bridget’s campaign office opening event in Countryside, her nieces and nephews were running and playing as she met new supporters, volunteers and other elected officials. The energy was electric as the number of family members and friends ready to work kept growing. Her 4-year-old niece even grabbed a clipboard and pen and went around asking visitors to sign in!

This sweet anecdote is just one of the many ways that Bridget’s campaign hinges around her family. Bridget credits her mom for giving her the courage to run for office. The mother-daughter relationship has set the stage for her campaign, which is strongly rooted in the values she has inherited from her family. You will see several other mother-daughter duos in the campaign trail through volunteering, making phone calls and knocking on doors together.

There’s no question Bridget Fitzgerald’s run for state senate has been influenced by those closest to her. As the clerk of her hometown, Western Springs, Bridget understands the needs of the community. And having grown up in the district, she will use her relationships with the community to build a better future for other families like hers.

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