BOOO! Reckless Rauner Announced he’s Running Again 2017-10-27T05:08:50+00:00

As we celebrate Halloween with our favorite ghoulish customs, Gov. Bruce Rauner donned his blue-collar costume once again and announced something truly terrifying… HE’S RUNNING FOR A SECOND TERM!

Haunted by a radical anti-worker agenda, inconsistent positions, and a pathological unwillingness to compromise, Rauner’s first term turned Illinois into a graveyard of underfunded programs for seniors, the homeless, and children with special needs.

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The Trump/Rauner administration is a daily horror movie for millions of Illinoisans, so preserving our Democratic majority in the Illinois Senate is more important than ever. As the only Democratic majority in the Midwest, it’s up to us to keep our state senators in office and elect candidates committed to standing up for all people.

Help make Rauner’s Halloween unhappy by joining the Illinois Senate Democrats to resist the Rauner/Trump agenda at the local level.

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