Democratic turnout was up 300 percent from 2014.

While there weren’t any earth-shattering upsets in the Illinois primary election on Tuesday night, there were still more signs of a steady Democratic wave building in the fall.

Turnout among Democratic voters was up substantially over the past few midterm election cycles, according to several early reports, and more Republican voters stayed home. That is the recipe for Democrats to make big gains in the House and possibly the Senate this fall.

According to Politico’s Natasha Korecki, Democratic turnout in Illinois was up 300 percent versus 2014 and up 30 percent versus 2010, the last midterm cycle where there was a competitive Democratic gubernatorial primary. Meanwhile, Republican turnout dropped by 30 percent from 2014, when there was also a well-contested GOP governor’s race.

That has been the story of 2018 so far. As the Washington Post’s Philip Bump wrote in this great piece, Democrats have performed so strongly in the various special and primary elections because they have turned out at levels much closer to presidential years than their Republican counterparts.


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