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Democratic turnout was up 300 percent from 2014.

While there weren’t any earth-shattering upsets in the Illinois primary election on Tuesday night, there were still more signs of a steady Democratic wave building [...]


Organizers say 300K descend on downtown Chicago for Women’s March

Sandra Whitmore attended her first protest in 1968. Then 30, she joined others in San Francisco to publicly burn their bras, she said. The experience [...]


Judge orders Illinois to expand medical marijuana qualifying conditions to include pain

A judge has ordered Illinois officials to add intractable pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, a ruling that could greatly expand access to [...]

It’s great to be in the State Capitol.  Being here today calls to mind the first time I spoke on the Senate floor, almost 20 years ago.  And I was passionate, idealistic, ready to make a difference.  Just to stand in that magnificent chamber was enough to fill me up with a heightened sense of purpose.

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