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The Origins of Black History Month

The story of Black History Month begins in 1915, half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. That September, the [...]


Illinois lawmakers soon to turn attention to marijuana

SPRINGFIELD — Attention at the Statehouse is expected to begin focusing on one of Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker's top priorities — legalizing recreational marijuana — [...]



Last weekend, Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto stamp nearly ran out of ink, as he vetoed dozens of bills that passed through the General Assembly during [...]

It’s great to be in the State Capitol.  Being here today calls to mind the first time I spoke on the Senate floor, almost 20 years ago.  And I was passionate, idealistic, ready to make a difference.  Just to stand in that magnificent chamber was enough to fill me up with a heightened sense of purpose.

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